Oral Health PI-CME Module

Earn 20 Performance Improvement CME hours while integrating oral health competencies into your PA program curriculum.


This activity is designed to promote integration of the national oral health competencies into PA program curricula while offering faculty the opportunity to earn practice improvement continuing medical education credits that are now required for certification maintenance.


This PI-CME can be completed as a group with other members of your team. However, in order to successfully complete this program, participants must be a PA educator (adjunct faculty, core faculty, assistant or associate professor, etc.) or in a supervisory or administrative role in a clinical environment.

Participants do not have to be clinically practicing. In fact this activity is meant to support PAs in non-clinical positions to meet certification maintenance requirements for performance improvement CME.

3-Stage Performance Improvement Module

This Oral Health PI-CME for educators activity involves time in pre- and post- activity analysis, requires time to implement change, and time to evaluate the efficacy of the change. Based on this process and a required lockout time to allow for changes to be made, this activity will be expected to take 3-12 months to complete within the 2-year NCCPA certification maintenance cycle.

For this educational PI-CME activity, there are three stages:

  • Stage A. Conduct an assessment of your current oral health curriculum using the competencies found in the Integration of Oral Health and Primary Care Practice report published by the US Department of Health & Human Services as well as common practices used by oral health leading edge educators.
  • Stage B. Develop and implement a plan to improve instruction and educational outcomes based on the Stage A curricular assessment. This will require identifying resources, developing an implementation plan, and engaging in educational activities.
  • Stage C. Reassess to measure the effects of the improvement plan. There is not a requirement to demonstrate actual improvement in order to receive CME credit since the primary intent is to help individuals to reflect on their own educational practices. (Adapted from aapa.org)


By completing this module, users will be able to:

  • To assess teaching and learning in PA program curriculum that focuses primary care oral health competencies for graduates.
  • To create a practice improvement educational activity or change that, when implemented, addresses the areas within the curriculum that were identified by the participant as areas for enhancement.
  • To reassess teaching and learning student outcomes in a PA Program curriculum that focuses on the topic of oral health.
  • Meet the standards for AAPA PI-CME credit.